Quality Boiler Servicing Services

Protect Yourself From Major Breakdowns

Regular servicing of devices extends their service life and prevents major breakdowns. Boiler Servicing St Albans can provide you with quality boiler service.

Servicing of boilers is very important, because in this way the occurrence of major failures that can cost a lot is prevented. Our boiler servicing services are impeccable. When you call us, we will check the pressure and the gas flow, we will check all the safety devices to see if they are in good condition, we must check all the seals for any damage, we will check if there are any leaks on the gas pipeline and water supply. We also check whether the internal components are in good condition, as well as checking the smoke and combustion gases to see if they are within the permitted limits.

Boiler Servicing St Albans

These are the most basic things we check and fix every malfunction no matter how big it is. Our engineer will perform a more detailed check, if he finds a major defect in your boiler.

Boiler maintenance is very important, because that way you prevent major breakdowns and then you have to buy parts that can be really expensive. By properly maintaining the boiler, you will always be sure that you have a reliable device that will not stop working when you need it most.

Boiler servicing is best done after the heating season is over. That’s when the boiler is most in use, and if it has a minor malfunction, we will quickly find it and remove it.

Checking the operation and parts of your boiler once a year is quite enough, so that it is always in good condition. Get quality service for your boiler from Boiler Servicing St Albans. We are here for you to check and fix any malfunction.