Find Out How The Crookedest Street In The World Came To Be

Numerous Attractions Of Russian Hill

Did you know where the crookedest street in the world is? If you haven’t, you can find out all about her at

This street is called the most crooked street in the world because it has eight very sharp curves. It connects San Francisco with Russian Hill. Russian Hill is a historical settlement with a magnificent view of the entire bay and the city.

This hill is very steep, and when the road connecting it with the town was built, it was terribly tiring for the cars, and everyone had difficulty both going up and down. That’s why the leaders of the city decided to make eight sharp curves in 1922, which considerably softened this slope. From that time it is no longer a problem to reach this beautiful place on top of the hill.


Due to its curves, the street has become a tourist attraction, so today it is very frequented and constantly crowded. The parking place is very difficult to find, so it is best to park a little further and walk along this street. That way you will be able to enjoy it the best.

Russian Hill can offer you numerous tourist attractions. One of them is the tower that was built in 1933 and offers a wonderful view of the entire city and the magnificent bay. There is also a large park, where you can have a picnic, where children can play while you enjoy nature.

In order to see something unusual, we recommend you to visit Lombard Street, which will take you to wonderful places on Russian Hill.